Local company restores historical livery barn

When stagecoaches come to mind, one often conjures up images of the early West; cowboys and Indians; barren deserts filled with danger.Mental pictures of a team of four to six horses drawing a loaded coach in Brimfield during the early 1900s, however, aren’t that easy to imagine. Up until September 1907, the stage-line carrying mail… Read more »

Local man serves on international conference panel

Local man serves on international conference panel By Frederick A. Smock, Telegram & Gazette Tom Green remembers the first time someone asked him to repair some rotted sills. “At that point, quite honestly, I had to go look up what sills were,” he said with a smile. With virtually no experience in construction or carpentry,… Read more »

Living in the past a passion for Greens

Living in the past a passion for Greens By Art Simas, Worcester Telegram & Gazette Father-son team strengthens older homes to be enjoyed by next generation Even though they’re very old, they’ve got character and charm. While everything around them whirs in fast-forward speed, they are unmoved by it all – silent sentinels of centuries… Read more »

Posts and Beam Buildings

Posts and Beam Buildings By T. Bradford Green of Colonial Restorations Posts and Beam Buildings When one travels through much of New England’s countryside, a sense of tradition is apparent in the post and beam buildings scattered across the land. These buildings hold a piece of history that has long succeeded the original builders and… Read more »

Colonial Restorations

Colonial Restorations Older homes have a certain charm and sense of warmth difficult to create in a newer dwelling. This charm, however, is often coupled with problems, sometimes with the structure itself. These structural problems often start at the sill level. Sills are the beams which rest on the foundation and to which the rest… Read more »