A Complete Guide to Managing Wood Rot In Your Historic Barn

The charm and history encapsulated within the aged timbers of an old barn are irreplaceable. Wood, the backbone of these rustic structures, tells a story of times past while providing strength and character. However, wood’s natural enemy, rot, poses a significant challenge, particularly in historic barns. This degradation not only compromises the barn’s aesthetic appeal… Read more »

How to Maintain Historical Accuracy During Barn Repairs

There’s something undeniably enchanting about stepping into a historically accurate barn. It’s like being whisked back in time, surrounded by the craftsmanship and stories of a bygone era. However, the charm of these timeless structures often comes with a unique challenge: executing modern repairs without compromising their authenticity. How do we ensure that these beautiful… Read more »

The Most Common Structural Problems in Old Barns (And How to Fix Them)

Old barns, standing as silent relics of history, bring back memories of a bygone era. With their weathered timber and rustic charm, these structures evoke a sense of nostalgia and admiration. However, beneath their picturesque fa├žade often lie a litany of structural challenges. From the sagging beams to the leaning walls, these venerable buildings require… Read more »

A Guide to Restoring the Structural Integrity of Your (Old) Post and Beam Barn

Old post and beam barns are more than mere structures; they are testaments to architectural prowess and a reflection of historical eras. Representing timeless beauty and functionality, these structures have stood the test of time on a wide range of properties. However, like all things aging and beautiful, these barns often require specialized care and… Read more »

Spring is Here

Spring is finally here in New England. If you walk around your home or barn and discover any rot, bows, sags, etc. that you hadn’t noticed last year, it is very important to have them evaluated. If you have a bow on the lower edge of your home, it is a clear indicator that the… Read more »