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It’s a known fact that, as people age, things start to slow down. They start feeling a few new bumps, things begin to creek and crack, and it becomes apparent that their bones just aren’t as strong as they used to be. So what do they do? They make a point to see their physician and undergo regular wellness checks.

Many of Colonial Restoration’s clients have long viewed them as physicians of sorts, providing wellness checkups in the form of old home and barn evaluations throughout New England. With nearly four decades of experience, the company prides itself not only on its commitment to honest, reliable service, but quality craftsmanship. Brad and his team understand how Mother Nature and generations of stress can negatively affect a historic structure because, in addition to providing evaluations, they also specialize in historic home and barn restoration work itself.

The Colonial Restorations Difference

Since joining his father (founder of Colonial Restorations in 1981), on restoration sites from the time he was 12, owner Brad Green has had a passion for restoring historic structures. In order to successfully bring an old home or barn back to its former glory, however, there is no step more important than the evaluation process. It is here that Brad and his team assess how the structure was originally constructed. From the materials used to the type of damage sustained over time, Colonial Restoration makes every effort to understand all there is to know about an old home or barn before making any recommendations.

Not all problems are visible from the outside, and older structures simply cannot be evaluated the same way newer builds are today. With so many different factors to consider, only a professional historic structure evaluator will know exactly what to look for. In fact, those who have worked with the company in the past have stated they’ve learned more about their old home or barn in the two-hour site visit with Brad than they knew from living there all their lives.

You can trust that Colonial Restoration not only performs evaluations with the safety of its potential owners in mind, but the fate of the historic structure itself.

In addition to having your old home or barn evaluated prior to restoration, Colonial Restorations also advises all potential buyers of historic structures to invest in a prepurchase inspection. Typical home inspectors know a little bit about everything, but they are not structural restoration specialist.  By law, they are not even permitted to give prices for restoration, which is important information to have prior to buying any property. With Colonial Restorations, however, structural specialists can not only provide you with a reliable inspection report, but can deliver an actionable, fixed quote for labor costs.

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